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LivingCare offer an open access lower GI flexible sigmoidoscopy service for the diagnosis of symptoms affecting the bowel, including taking samples and injection of haemorrhoids. The service is available at Fountain Medical Centre in Morley and Northgate Medical Centre in Pontefract.

Our flexible sigmoidoscopy service will also very soon be available at Thorpe Park Clinic (LS15)

The service is listed on Choose and Book as:

Direct Access Flexible Sigmoidoscopy - Living Care Health Services

Conditions Treated:

Rectal bleeding and injection treatment of Haemorrhoids when appropriate. 

Procedures Performed:

  • Flexible Sigmoidoscopy.
  • Haemorrhoid Injection.


  • Patients without rectal bleeding.
  • Patients taking warfarin.
  • Heart valve replacement.
  • Severe Parkinsonism.


Service Notes:

The patient will be required to self-administer an enema at home 2 hours prior to appointment time.


Dr Bangad

Dr Rehman

Mr Rick Saunders (LTHT)

Mr Maslekar (LTHT)

Mr Anwar

Our waiting list for this service is currently:

1 week

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