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Our consultant led, community based Vasectomy service has very short waiting times and is well supported by local GPs and the PCT. As well as the traditional surgical procedure involving injection of local anesthetic and small incisions made to gain access to the vas deferens.

Following the procedure the patient is sent an information sheet, histology form and sample bottle. Having produced a sperm sample they send this to the local histology department for testing to verify a successful vasectomy as detailed in the instruction sheet.

The service is listed on Choose and Book as:

Direct Access Community Vasectomy Clinic - Living Care Health Services

Procedures Performed:

Bilateral vasectomy under local anaesthetic.


  • Patients taking Warfarin.
  • MI within last 6 months.
  • Heart valve replacement.
  • Severe Parkinsonism.

Service Notes:

The patient needs to be accompanied to the appointment, driven home and observed for 24 hours, The patient will also be asked to provide samples for seminal analysis, for up to 18 months after the procedure.


Mr Weston (Mid Yorks)

Mr Cartledge (LTHT)

Mr Kimuli (LTHT)

Dr Selvarajan

The waiting list for this service is currently:

5 weeks

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