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Ear, Nose, Throat

The ENT service diagnoses and treats all types of problems and diseases of the ear, nose and throat.

You may have been referred to our ENT service because you suffer/need treatment for any the following:

Ear: Glue Ear, Wax removal, Earache, Aural discharge, Infections, Otitis externa and media, Deafness, Tinnitus and Balance problems including vertigo.

Nose: Epistaxis, Nasal obstruction, Nasal polyps, Rhinitis and rhinosinusitis, Sinusitis, Snoring, Allergy Testing 

Throat: Recurrent tonsillitis, Hoarseness, Sore throat, Lump in throat/globus, Snoring

There will be an examination of your medical condition which can include some or all of the following:

Your appointment at LivingCare

LivingCare have a first class clinical team including four trained consultants, five GPs with specialist interest, together with specialist ENT nurses and audiometry support which is provided by the Hearing and Balance Centre from Leeds Teaching Hospitals. In addition we provide a hearing aid repair service at Thorpe Park.

Clinic operated by Leeds Teaching Hospitals on a weekly basis.

The consulting rooms are equipped with special ENT trolleys and microscopes to treat and diagnose ENT conditions. There is also an audiology suite with a sound-proofed booth in which hearing tests and assessments are undertaken for people from 5yrs to Adults.

You may undergo any of the following examinations:

Ear Examination:

An Otoscope is an instrument used to examine the ears and illuminate the ear drum. On occasions the ear drum and canal may need to be viewed under magnification for which a microscope is used. If it is necessary to remove wax or debris from the ear canal,suction may be used.

Hearing Tests – by the Audiologist:

Either before or after your consultation with the Doctor or Nurse you may have a hearing test. This involves going into a sound proof booth and listening to various sounds through headphones and pressing a button. This may aid your Doctor in making a clearer diagnosis. If you have small children you may need somebody with you to look after them while you have the test.

Nose Examination:

To look at the front of the nose a simple speculum together with illumination from a headlight is used to visualise the nasal passages. For further examination into the nose a Nasendoscope (flexible camera) will be used and local anaesthetic may be given to make the procedure more comfortable. 

Throat Examination:

An external examination will involve feeling the neck glands. To see inside your mouth a tongue depressor and illumination from a headlight is used to see the back of your tongue and tonsil area. A Nasendoscope may be used as previously described.

Other investigations that may be required are scans, X-Rays, blood tests or the fitting of hearing aids. We can arrange this for you from our clinic and may involve you attending an appointment at another location.

As part as the service we offer, we work with volunteer services, such as Action on Hearing, who offer monthly drop-in clinics for free batteries, retubing with hearing aids and help with any concerns.

For more information about this, you can visit: 020 7296 8000