Easy to find using instructions that were sent. Appointment – On time. Clean practice. Very sociable.

J.Hatfield, LS14

I have been many visits before yet the service still remains A*! Sister Childs is wonderful!

L.Merer, LS17

Very easy ten minute walk. Excellent staff, service and professionalism. Well done A*

P. Willow, LS9

Very pleasant atmosphere, nice surroundings, easy to find and you get to watch TV!

Roberts, LS15

Brilliant, lovely, caring people!

L. Pierce, LS15

Excellent – Easy to follow map & very friendly and efficient staff

Carling, BD11

Great. Very friendly staff. Nice building. Thanks for everything

M. Saleem, LS11

Beautiful calm surroundings and décor. Great staff. Brilliant doctors – They really care. Well done

M. Gregory, LS28

Very nice staff. Excellent from start to finish

J. Holt, LS10

Great communication and directions. Much easier than going into Leeds City Centre.

Mckeown, LS22

Wonderful resource. Great staff (both medical and admin!) Very friendly and helpful

Stocks, LS15

Lovely receptionist. Even better clinician – Dr Robinson – Lovely place!

C. Scott, LS26

My second trip to LivingCare. Clinic has friendly staff and is very clean. My first appointment with Dr Naveen Rajagopal and second with Dr O’Hare was great. Very helpful. Thank you!

Sunita, LS16

Super clinic. Much better than the Hospitals

M. Hunn, LS14

LivingCare have made my husband’s regular appointments so much easier than original hospital ones – Convenient, pleasant and less waiting time to be seen. Thank you.


Super clinic and staff. Location easy to find and free parking too! Much better than a hospital. Thank you!

L. Wood, LS15

Good staff and very clean. Happy with my treatment from Sister Angela Childs.

C.Parles, LS9

Nice clean building. Staff are very nice – Mr Smith was great. Calm relaxed manner that makes you feel at ease.

E.Durham, LS26

Very stylish and clean. I love the clinic and the staff are nice and polite

M. Mahgoub, LS7

Lovely receptionist. Beautiful building and clean!

B. Brown, LS17

Much nicer than sitting in a doctors surgery. So clean, easy to find and easy to park for disabled too! Staff were great.

D. Sheldon, WF5

Very impressive. Neat and tidy clinic and staff are very good!

JB. Cheu, LS25

Excellent in every respect

A.Kettlewell, BD22

Lovely building. Friendly staff. Quick & efficient. Thank you

L. Carter, LS26

What a beautiful, modern, clean building with lovely helpful staff! Pleasantly surprised!

L. Barker, LS1

Great! LivingCare are a credit to the NHS

G. Goodman, LS15

Thank you for making me feel so comfortable on my visit. Staff are wonderful

S. Burrows, LS22

Beautiful, modern, light and airy building. Staff were welcoming and friendly

B. O’Neill, LS15

Very helpful and friendly. Made me feel at ease and treatment was great.

B. Finch, LS17

Very nice and clean environment. Very pleasant staff. Thanks

T. Thompson, LS25

Staff very pleasant especially Janet and Angela. Mr Reilly (consultant) was very assuring and helpful. Thank you

A.Daniel, LS14

Mr Kelly was a lovely man. Very impressed. Thank you.

J and I. Newbold, LS8

Lovely and clean. Easy to find – Great place and lovely receptionist. Donna put me at ease

T. Lowry, LS9

Thank you. Very friendly and helpful. Found the cause straight away

J. Armitage, LS15

Reception and Doctor were first class. Thank you.

EH. Carter, BD11

Thank you. My consultation, doctor and nurse were excellent.

J. Ellis, LS25

Dr Atheley and Janet were absolutely amazing. Thank you!

A. Bashir, LS8

Excellent all round!

J.Billingham, LS15

A very good experience. Mr B.Davis was excellent.

V. Hartley, LS15

Excellent map. I was pleased to not to go to LGI and given LivingCare as an alternative. Very comfortable and nice staff

J. Tomlinson, LS15

Staff are very lovely and smiley, making you feel well looked after!

I. Redford, LS1

Staff are efficient and helpful. I will be recommending to other patients who go to hospital. What a great alternative. Very clean too

B. Stockley, LS6

A pleasure to come to such a lovely clinic. Plently of parking. Very pleasant staff and doctors

J. Parker, LS26

Good parking and FREE! Clean and great reception

C. Allsop, LS22

I would like to thank my doctor and all nurses involved at Thorpe Park Clinic, not just for the professional manner in which I was treated but for the kindness and consideration that took the quality of care to another level

A. Dodgson, LS26

I am very happy to recommend anyone to take advantage of LivingCare and their excellent services

A. Dodgson, LS26

Beautiful place. Delightful staff. Very smart and clean and service was excellent!

S. Marks, LS14

Lovely place and lovely people!

J. Wallis, LS9

Easy to find, plenty of parking. Beautiful surgery!

S. Barnes, LS14

Excellent service. Lovely, caring, professional and friendly staff. Thank you

L. Minichal

Everything is spot on. Pleasant building, helpful and friendly staff

K. Horne, LS25

Lovely place with lovely, professional people

LS25 1ED

Fantastic premises and brilliant surgeon

D. Groundwell, WF3

The best consultation I have ever had. The lady, Dr Bobbit, was excellent. I felt her manner was very calming and explanatory of the findings. Excellent.

P. Hammond, LS6

A pleasure to come into such a lovely clinic. Plenty of parking and very pleasant staff

J. Parker, LS15

Excellent professional service – Mr. B Davis was great. A very good experience

V. Hartley, LS15

The most important thing we do is provide the very best healthcare
and medical services for our patients in a caring and timely way.

LivingCare have extensive experience of delivering NHS and private healthcare services in primary care settings. We work with local GPs, consultants and the wider NHS to develop innovative healthcare solutions. Our portfolio of services has been developed in response to local demand and reflects the changing face of healthcare delivery to improve accessibility. Our clinics and facilities are modern and well-designed, with highly trained clinicians and practitioners and the latest technology to ensure excellent standards of care.

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